The new and affordable rackmount router.

It has ten individual gigabit Ethernet ports, five of them can be connected together in one 5-port switch group. RB1200 has a SODIMM slot with bundled 512MB of RAM, a beeper and a serial port.

It has no moving parts and it’s operation is completely silent. The RB1200 comes in a 1U aluminium rackmount case and power supply.

Product specifications: 
Current MonitorNo
CPU speed1000MHz
LAN ports10
Integrated WirelessNo
802.3af supportNo
Power Jack110/220V
Memory Cards0
Voltage MonitorNo
Operating SystemRouterOS v5 and above
Dimensions1U case: 44 x 176 x 442 mm, 1200g. Board only: 365g
CPU temperature monitorNo
Temperature range-20 to +65C
RouterOS LicenseLevel6
Product codeRB1200
Ethernet Output: 
RB1200 @1000Mhz (4 port test) 64 byte frames 512 byte frames 1518 byte frames
IP Firewall Conntrack Mode Mbps Fps Mbps Fps Mbps Fps
off off Bridging 115.35 225300 880.64 215000 2399.65 197600
on off Routing 79.05 154400 618.5 151000 1779.1 146500
on off Bridging 71.07 138800 563.2 137500 1603.01 132000
on on Routing 61.18 119500 487.42 119000 1426.92 117500
on on Bridging 56.17 109700 444.42 108500 1310.34 107900
  1. All throughput tests done with Xena Networks specialized test system and RouterOS v5, according RFC2544, with Ethernet frame sizes 64, 512, 1518 bytes.
    Each board is tested with specified number of Ethernet interfaces, to ensure optimal load on hardware.
  2. Values in Italics indicate that the maximum possible throughput was reached, limited only by ethernet ports themselves.