The RB800 is an advanced high performance wireless platform. It has four miniPCI slots, three Gigabit ethernet ports, two daughterboard connectors (one PCI and one PCI-e), a miniPCI-e slot and a compact flash slot.

The two daughterboard connectors allow you to expand the number of wired and wireless ports, and the new high power CPU is capable of supporting them all.

This is the new definition of wireless networking power. Combined with RouterOS - RB800 is the most powerful and sophisticated wireless router, firewall and bandwidth manager. With many expansion options.

Product specifications: 
Ethernet Output: 
RB800 @800MHz (2 port test) 64 byte frames 512 byte frames 1518 byte frames
IP Firewall Conntrack Mode Mbps Fps Mbps Fps Mbps Fps
off off Bridging 142.34 278000 1082.98 264400 1991.62 164000
on off Routing 91.44 178600 729.09 178000 1991.62 164000
on off Bridging 80.13 156500 616.45 150500 1700.16 140000
on on Routing 66.82 130500 537.4 131200 1514.36 124700
on on Bridging 58.52 114300 450.56 110000 1281.19 105500
  1. All throughput tests done with Xena Networks specialized test system and RouterOS v5, according RFC2544, with Ethernet frame sizes 64, 512, 1518 bytes.
    Each board is tested with specified number of Ethernet interfaces, to ensure optimal load on hardware.
  2. Values in Italics indicate that the maximum possible throughput was reached, limited only by ethernet ports themselves.